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New cash control software

BATEMAT already has the new cash management administration software available, which allows you to operate and maintain all your banknotes counters quickly and efficiently through the network, as well as having all the statistics and accounts made, using


Collecting Information Management
This tool allows the user to collect the banknote serial numbers of all banknotes that have passed through the devices connected to the software, in addition allowing to view and collect multiple other details regarding the banknote.

Device Centralized Management
Allows for the management of all devices connected to the software from the details and specific settings for each device to adding and deleting devices and checking the connection status of all devices.

Fundamental Information Management
For larger operations this section allows for the specific management and sorting of devices placed in different branches of the company, along with the ability to edit the devices’ parameters for accepting or rejecting banknotes based on either fitness or counterfeit.

System Configuration Management
This section of the software gives you the ability to manage the user-accounts of the software, including: adding, editing, deleting users and assigning specific authorities to different users.



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